Top Two Favorite IG Story Apps

500 million people utilize Instagram stories daily. Lately, it seems as though the trend is moving more towards tapping through stories instead of scrolling through posts. I’m sure in the sea full of content constantly uploaded daily, you’ve wondered how some have achieved specific edits, templates and overlays.  I wanted to share my top two favorite Instagram Story phone apps that keep my content looking consistent and cohesive. These apps give a fun flare to photos and videos, and will have you feeling extra creative. Each have features that I prefer over the other, which is why using a mixture of a both is ideal. For putting up quick and easy image/videos, StoryLuxe and Unfold are the ultimate must-haves.


StoryLuxe is free and offers in app purchases to achieve the same templates as the ones featured above. What I love most about SL is the use of bright color, brush strokes, glitter and tape additions throughout each of their templates. A downside to SL in comparison to Unfold, is that it is not as editable with image/video size as it automatically locks to the middle of the vid/image.


Unfold is free, however if you want the templates with a ripped paper look, film or digital like the above you’ll need to purchase them in the app.  The templates above are from the RP1, FF1 and DW1 categories. Get creative and mix and match videos in the same story! One of my favorite features of Unfold is that it makes short clips into 12 second long videos by looping it automatically – making it have the full allotted screen time it can have on Instagram.



Don’t want to stop at just a cool design or fun border? Use one of Instagrams many features like adding a GIF, or throwing up some background music. Utilize hashtags and location tags for further story exposure as well. Most of all – just have fun with it.⚡


I’m also a huge fan of Over, which can be used primarily for text overlays, however Canva can achieve the same look for a much cheaper price. You can download Canva here or use it on your desktop.

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