January 1, 2019

It’s 2:54am and jet lag still has you up. Finally, 2019’s here and you’re not sure if you’re absolutely terrified or profoundly blessed to have made it through another year.

2018 kicked your ass. It held a mirror up to your insecurities and exposed your hidden fears. You found shelter in privacy, but freedom in outspokenness. You’ve mended broken relationships and took responsibility where it was due. You fell deeper in love with the process of creating. You tapped into the voice you forgot you had and found music and poetry again. 2018 may have uncovered more pieces of yourself, but I promise you it’s only the beginning.

Remember to love yourself, first and foremost. Take the time to listen and forgive always, to be present and reliable. Give people second and third chances, because everyone you encounter is as much a part of your journey as you are theirs. Your reaction to trying times says more about your character than anything else.

Don’t make excuses for not traveling anymore – you did that a lot in 2018. Take the leap, buy the ticket, grab your passport and go. One of the most important people in your life taught you the time you have on this earth is finite and what you make of the years to come is up to you.

Remember to lead with your heart, foolishly and fully. You quit your day job and uprooted your life in the span of a weekend and somehow you’re still standing and your heart feels fuller than ever.

Pay attention to your mental health, even more importantly to the people who surround you. Check in with them, make sure they feel your love and support no matter the distance. Show appreciation to those who have unconditionally stood by you throughout this roller coaster of a year, they will forever be your heroes and rocks.

Pick up more books on finance, not because your brother told you to, but because investing in yourself now is really investing in your future. Shit – pick up more books in general and stay aware of our worlds political climate (and environmental too).

I hope 2019 brings you love because let’s face it you’re a hopeless romantic. More so when you’re feeling down, I hope you remember there’s love in the little things. Like honey kissed skies, Biggie throwbacks and sips of green tea.

I know you’re scared as hell, but find comfort in 2019’s silver linings and learn how to breathe in uncertainty. Reinvent yourself over and over again. The new year is ready for you. ✨

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  1. This is SO relevant and beautiful. Thank you for sharing words of inspiration — “Remember to breathe in times of uncertainty” — and goals I could also use a healthy dose of this year. xoxo

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