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I’m really excited to share my newest partnership with Amazon Lifestyle, kicking off one of Amazon’s newest categories, the Indie Beauty Shop. Through Join Palm, I was able to test and try four emerging beauty products from up and coming skincare brands directly from Amazon. I love trying new products and I was absolutely thrilled to have received my specific choices in the mail before I hit the desert for two weeks! I’ll break down each product by face & body.



Let me start by explaining my facial skin type – I have extremely oily skin, not a dry day goes by for me, especially living by the ocean. However, going to Las Vegas and then Palm Springs sucked the moisture out of my skin to the point of almost flakiness.

To combat this, I began my mornings with an Anti-Aging Face Serum by Eleni & Chris. It’s light and a bit thicker than the more liquid based serums I’m used to, but the cucumber scent was extremely refreshing and my skin immediately felt less strain from the dry weather.

About halfway through the day, after being bare skinned with just a light SPF applied, I reached for another burst of long lasting hydration. The Hydrate Nourishing Lotion by Red Earth Beauty did NOT disappoint. I can not express enough how much this product has helped my skin not only feel supple and hydrated, but also soothed any minor sunburns. Not to mention – it smells like an ocean breeze and I can not get enough of it. These two products SAVED my face throughout my time under the scorching desert sun.


I grew up with moisturizing being engrained in my daily routine. Lately though, I’ve been so focused on my face that I’ve completely overlooked my arms, legs and <<<<elbows>>>> (sorry grams). The best thing about trying new products is the excitement, eagerness and dedication that comes along with it.

For everyday use, I highly recommend Basd’s Body Lotion in Crème Brûlée. It smells like the warm, inviting holidays and goes on extremely light. If you’re concerned about the moisture impact due to it’s lack of thick consistency, don’t be! It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and immediately rids it of the dry, tight feeling it normally gets. To note: it’s paraben free, non-gmo, is made with all organic ingredients and only tested on consenting adults.

For a thicker, body butter like consistency give Vervan’s Ultra Moisturizing, Nourishing Shea & Almond Oil Body Butter a go. The scent is extremely strong and pleasant. After first applying, I quickly learned a little goes a long way – making this body butter a serious bang for your buck. To note: it’s paraben free, uses no mineral oils and is made with all natural ingredients.


I LOVED trying these products and although I have oily skin, they all played their heroic part in traveling between humid air and harsh dry weather. A big thank you to Amazon Lifestyle and Join Palm for this amazing partnership opportunity, I love being able to potentially help others with similar skin types hone in on products that work for them.

Your skincare routine should be unique to your skin type. We are always changing environments and each one interacts with our skin completely differently. Being able to utilize different products based on our surroundings and current skin condition is crucial! Take the time to research ingredients and reviews.

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