NIU BODY: Serum & Lip Polish

Finding the perfect serum for your skin may be a daunting task. I’ve spent hundreds on hundreds searching for a handful of products that I can switch off using without worrying about breaking out. To be frank, I have always had oily acne prone skin. I’ve turned to serums to potentially help balance out my skin and give it a burst of vitamins it may topically need.

When NIU BODY reached out about their GLOW Facial Serum and COCONUT Lip Polish, I had to give both a try. Firstly, I want to highlight NIU and their incredible approach to creating sustainable skincare products.

All of NIU BODY’s products are natural, 100% vegan and cruelty-free. “We source the finest ingredients from around the globe, formulating only with the purest and most effective ingredients. We do our part to keep our environment beautiful by using recyclable packaging and focusing on sustainable ingredient sourcing. We firmly believe skin care should not be one-size-fits-all, and use unique botanical blends with catered benefits for every babe’s different skin type or concern in mind.”

I mean, YES YES YES. I can’t stress enough how much the last year has taught me one size really does NOT fit all. What works for dry, sensitive skin will most definitely not be as positively impactful on oily skin. Do your research always before purchasing products.


Lately, I’ve been struggling with scarring. It’s prevented me from feeling super comfortable in my own skin (one of the main reasons I turned to serums). In combination with NIU BODY’s serums + a few others (I switch off daily) and vitamin C oil, I’ve noticed a slight lightening and brightening of my pesky little scars. This particular serum contains Jojoba Oil, Camellia Oil, Bergamot Essential Oil, Vitamin E & many more of the good stuff. If you’re looking for something to mix into your routine that adds a glow factor, check out this serum! I personally love to use it in my nighttime routine, I wake up looking as refreshed as I possibly can at 6am (LOL). Purchase here.


Ok, I know I mentioned before how incredible these products smell but seriously — if I could define summer by two products these would be it.

I LOVE lip scrubs/polishes. Especially in dry weather, my lips peel way too much. When I want to go out to a night on the town or have an event, I never go with a bare lip. The best way I prep my lips before applying makeup would be a scrub and then some sort of balm or chapstick. First thoughts when trying NIU’s lip polish were WOW the smell (can’t say it enough) and then the coarse get-the-job done texture. I wouldn’t recommend doing a lip scrub daily, especially if you have sensitive skin. However, for special occasions or when you’re simply pampering yourself (because why not) this should be your GO TO. Purchase here.

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