A Weekend in Mykonos, Greece

While traveling the Greek Islands, the third stop was Mykonos. Prominently known as a party island, my friends and I spent 4 days ATV’ing, bar hopping, nude beaching and eating every gyro we could possibly find. Luckily, we met some amazing friends at our hostel, Paraga Beach Hostel, that took us around exploring the island!



The easiest way to do this is to rent the ATV through your hostel. When comparing prices to outside sources, we found it’s cheaper and more efficient – especially if they offer transportation to and from the ATV pickup/drop off points.

Tip: Bring a map or something you can reference! It’s easy to get completely lost while exploring, however it’s definitely not the worst place to get lost in 😉

Let me start by reminding you – Mykonos is known for its nightlife. With our hostel, Paraga Beach Hostel, steps away from Paradise Beach, we couldn’t ignore the blasting music and life filled dance floor. The party continues from day to night and if you’re friendly you might even score some great drink deals from the bartenders! This is a destination you don’t want to skip. Aside from the party scene, there are delicious food options along Paradise Beach and countless areas to lounge and soak up the sun.

If you haven’t been to Santorini on your Greece journey yet, or for some crazy reason you’re skipping it, make Little Venice a priority during your Mykonos adventure. Little Venice lines the water, has countless shopping opportunities, delicious gelato and only the most gorgeous alleys. If you haven’t rented a car or ATV for your stay, make sure you get ahold of a bus schedule because that will be your primary mode of transportation. There are buses that take you directly into the heart of Little Venice!

Tip: Go shopping, eat by the water, but most importantly get lost in the nooks and crannies – it’ll be worth it!

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