Museum of Ice Cream

This past summer I had the chance to attend one of Los Angeles’ most instagrammed museums – the Museum of Ice Cream. Driving down 7th street and bubbling with excitement, my friends and I spot the museum from a mile away – you really can’t miss the bright pink building. After being greeted by the amazing staff, you have the freedom to explore each room – and man, were they magical! A few of my favorites were the sprinkle pool, the charcoal cookie dough room featuring work by Abel Bentin and the giant popsicle piece by Bakers Son.


While going through the museum, you get to try a few different types of sweets – mochi, ice cream, gummy bears and charcoal cookie dough. While it has minimal educational aspects, the amount of fun you have roaming through each room is more than worth it.

My advice: Book your tickets right when they go on sale. Currently, they’re all sold out but keep track of when the next tickets go on sale by keeping up with their social media and website.

Insta tip: Wear bright colors! You’re basically stepping into a mini Willy Wonka Factory, so dress the part and have fun with it. Beware – you can’t go back into another room after you’ve already left it, so make sure to take your time and snap all of your photos.


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