Museum of Broken Relationships

Located off of the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame lives a museum that isn’t bound by time or even love – the Museum Of Broken Relationships. From love letters to license plates, these lost moments have found their home beyond heartbreak. In our deepest states of vulnerability we believe that these tangible testaments of love are forever tainted by the pain of a break up, however founder John B. Quinn challenges this with growth. By displaying items of heartbreak, we are able to truly explore human relationships in their entirety. We are forced to confront if not our own emotions, but the emotions of many others.

The intimacy and vulnerability make the Museum of Broken Relationships a relatable, beautiful and memorable one. It’s a medium sized space, but you’re guaranteed to spend quite some time reading, feeling and learning. Needing to relinquish a piece of your past? Donate and see it touch many lives in a different way than it touched yours.

My advice: Read everything. It’s amazing to read and see the objects that made people think most about the one they loved. Visit in the morning to avoid heavy crowds, hours here. You have the option to reserve tickets ahead of time, however it’s easy to simply walk in and buy tickets there.

Insta tip: Candids, candids, CANDIDS! It’s incredible to see people connect with art and there is a lot of that going on there.

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